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Un-Hesive™ is a patented product specifically
designed for the removal of cured polyurethane
adhesive residue from the use of sealants such as 3M
5200 Marine Adhesive Sealant™ and Sikaflex™.
When these sealants are used to add hardware to
your ship´s deck or make a repair, the cured adhesive
could only be removed mechanically. Un-Hesive "breaks
the grip" of these polyurethane adhesives without material
breakdown. The product can be sprayed on and just a
few minutes later the cured sealant can be peeled off
intact with no damage to the surface.


Delray Beach, Florida - North Star Products, Inc.
today announced that Un-Hesive™ has been
recognized as the first solution to successfully
remove low expansion polyurethane adhesive
foam used in both the Marine construction and the
Roofing industry for adhering roof tiles to roofing
Specifically designed to exceed the standards of the marine industry
for polyurethane adhesive removal
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